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Загружено: 07/06/2021




Grienenberger Martin


39.938836; 65.154734


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07/06/2021 19:04

Species is identified but not available for entry : Red-tailed Wheatear

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08/06/2021 12:39

Great, Martin. The species is not in the list of birds of Uzbekistan, so, you might be the first one, who spot the species in our counry!

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It's realy look like Red-tailed Wheatear. Have you another photo angle of this bird?

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I also think it's a Red-tailed Wheatear. But Red-tailed Wheatear is now divided into two separate species: Kurdish Wheatear (Oenanthe xanthoprymna) and Persian Wheatear (Oenanthe chrysopygia). Not taking into account the question of the taxonomy and justification of such a division. As can be seen from the photo, the bird has a reddish tail, the lateral tail feathers are not whitish. Therefore, the photo most likely Persian Wheatear (Oenanthe chrysopygia), which lives in neighboring countries.

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